Sleep is the only remaining barrier, 2019
Sun-printed text developed with North Atlantic Ocean water. Series of nine.
”no night for this day”, SÍM Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland
Emily DiCarlo, Rodford Belcher, Gabriel Gold, Todd Molinari, Judy Natal, Mari Norddahl, Janine Polak, Justine Skahan, John Steck Jr., Carla Sumarlidson, Nara Walker, Ian Waugh
Curator: Martynas Petreikis
07.26.2019 - 07.30.2019

Developed on the ocean shore during a month-long stay at Korpúlstaðir SÍM Residency, Sleep is the only remaining barrier explores the concept of the “eternal present” by coupling the lived experience of Reykjavik’s natural perpetual summer light with phrases derived from Jonathan Crary’s book 24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep, which focuses on how the non-stop demands of contemporary consumerism and technological activity that have impacted the human psyche. Begging the question of what it means to be a temporal body in the age of accelerated, globalized culture, the work utilizes a special sun-sensitive photographic paper, a material based on the cyanotype process, to articulate felt anxieties around art production and daily life.