Called to Action/Your Conditioned Reflex, 2013
Pavlovian-performance, bell, communion cups, oak tray, kool-aid, vodka, I-beam, steps
Length: 3 hrs
The Noise Project, 99 Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Curators: Labspace Studio (Laura Mendes & John Loechner)
Photo Credits: Nicole Bazuin, Laura DiCarlo
07.26.2013 - 07.27.2013

Called to Action/Your Conditioned Reflex is a performance-based installation that presents a Pavlovian-like experiment to its audience. Looking at the ingrained history of sound as a mass-conditioning tool, the project explores how the bell has become a chief signifer for instructional language. ‪Like a recess bell or fire alarm, for those who hear its ring, therein lies the expectation to act responsively and accordingly.