A Temporary History: West Lynn Avenue to Cedarvale Avenue, 2012
Sidewalk intervention, 85 profiled businesses
Chemical Reactions (Zone C), Art of the Danforth, Toronto, Canada
Director: Asad Raza
05.20.2012 - 06.10.2012

Based on memory and oral history, the collected data appears stenciled outside every business’s door to create a disconnected timeline running along the Danforth Avenue sidewalk. Scattered dates present a snapshot of the businesses' lives and the instability of a changing community. With many empty storefronts, A Temporary History: West Lynn Avenue to Cedarvale Avenue chronicles the flux of a local economy, and the schism between a remembered past and a shifting present. The neighbourhood survey serves as an experimental research tool for creating a cohesive reality of fleeting experiences and delicately nuanced moments in time.