Enunciation, 2011
Collaboration with Jacqui Arntfield and W.J. Wilson (EQUΔLΔTERΔL)*
Single-channel video
Length: 5m 37s
First screening: Library Thoughts, Raday Konyveshaz & Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Curators: Beata Szechy, HMC and Istvan Sziranyi, Hungarian Book Art Association
08.24.2015 - 09.16.2011

Enunciation is a video documented performance that presents the challenges of communication and the connection of words to their meanings and references. Substituted with hand-written words, a computer-generated voice, and the guitar tone as a wordless language, the performer struggles to keep her writing legible and in time with the music. As the performance progresses, there is a slow breakdown of perfection in the timing and language, highlighting the inevitability of human error. What begins in a harmonious union of elements ends in a miscommunication of disconnected arrangement.

*EQUΔLΔTERΔL was a Toronto-based artist collective, comprised of Emily DiCarlo, Jacqui Arntfield and W.J. Wilson, who created interdisciplinary projects with a relational, interactive focus between 2011-2017. Their projects required participation from the viewer, moving them from a passive role to one that is an integral part of the final work. With a preference for exhibiting in non-traditional spaces and making site-responsive works, EQUΔLΔTERΔL’s projects made appearances in streetcars, laneways, vacant storefronts, bars, parks, music venues and private homes.