A Present, Which I Have Been, 2011
Photo archive, two-channel video, artist hair, wax, cigarette butts, ink on paper
HydresL'Oeil de Poisson, Quebec City, Canada
Curators: Guillaume Adjutor Provost
05.26.2011 - 05.27.2011

In the installation, A Present, Which I Have Been, the work’s departure begins with the artistic gesture, a performance with intention and action produced in time, which acts as a signifier to the signified concept of my identity. When multiple gestures are performed over the course of a lifetime, a durational sequence is created. The products of these gestures take shape in the form of ephemerally based sculptures, photographs, drawings and video, which are then exhibited to produce a personal archive. The organization of signifiers, materialized into physical works, creates a conceptual network, which point to a signified being and tries to answer the ever-persisting question of“who am I”. [Excerpt from “A Present, Which I Have Been.” Hydra Era. L’Œil de Poisson, Quebec City, Fall 2011: 80 pages]