Same Time, Always Behind: Toronto/Eindhoven (I), 2015
Two-channel video
Length: 45 min
Weather or Not, MU artspace, Plug in City, Strijp-S, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Curators: Angelique Spaninks
Photo Credits: Hanneke Wetzer
06.21.2015 - 07.20.2015

Same Time, Always Behind, an ongoing performance-for-video series, expresses the connective power between two individuals kilometers apart. DiCarlo performs with a collaborator living at least one time zone away to witness and document a sunset "together". Performed within the same 24 h duration, each participant captures their respective time zone's sunset and logs their subjective observations. 

For this iteration, DiCarlo partnered with Hanneke Wetzer, an Eindhoven-based artist and designer, to complete the performance.Installed within two opposing shipping containers, the individual experiences are viewed together, resulting in a post-constructed "compounding of time" as though the two had been physically together and simultaneously shared in the same experience.

Same Time, Always Behind: Toronto/Eindhoven (I), 2015
Ouroboros, St. Anne’s Anglican Church, Toronto, Canada
Curator: Marian Wihak
Photo Credits: Ken Woroner
09.22.2018 - 10.14.2018